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About us

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Jason Ho, founder of Hyt Fig Milky Fig Cider, firmly believes in healing the body through natural and holistic methods.  Ho promotes the function of green and herbal tea, and usage of meditation, acupressure, supplement products, and nutritional diet for self-treatment and wellness practice.  Modern day’s busy lifestyle generally leads us to neglect our health issues.  Subsequently, Ho has a mission to create a dietary regimen that adapts to modern society.  One of such products is Hyt Fig Milky Fig Cider.

Hyt Fig Milky Fig Cider, a jelly manufactured under a crystallized pharmaceutical technology typically used in traditional Chinese herbal medicine, is made from organic figs and natural spring water.  The ingredients are boiled and filtered under strict quality control for delivering the purest nutrients of figs.  The concentrate is refined into an easily digestible and versatile form, resulting in high-quality fig pectin.  

For many years, Ho has been providing community services to assist immigrants who have had hardship of medical insurance.  Simultaneously, Ho has produced fine china portraits to quite a few cultural elites in the Washington area, including portraits for Ambassador Chas Freeman, Maryland Poet Laureate Grace Cavalieri, Opera International producer Murriel Hom, Three-Emmy-Awardee composer John Wineglass, and noted poets Sheila Carter Jones and Ellen Wise.  Moreover, Ho has been faithful in preserving the lost craftsmanship of ancient Chinese butterfly-styled printing, donating antiquity poetry publications authored by contemporary poets to major academic libraries, including Yale University, George Washington University, and Library of Congress, to name a few. 

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