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Figs, Ficus carica, is a fruit native to the Mediterranean and western Asia; it was introduced to Asia and adopted to the traditional Chinese herbal medicine through the Silk Road since the seventh century.  In ancient Greece, Olympic athletes often ate figs daily for supplemental nutrition during their trainings.  According to the Chinese herbal classics, Compendium of Materia Medica 《本草綱目》, it documents that “Figs are non-toxic and sweet but not overwhelming, relieve hemorrhoids, soothe the throat, reduce swelling and pain, and detoxify sores.”  Another classic, Selections of Medical Practice (Yi Lin Zhuan Yao) 《醫林纂要》, states "fig benefits the lungs and breasts."


Milky Fig Cider is manufactured under a crystalized pharmaceutical technology used in traditional Chinese herbal medicine and modern health food production techniques: fresh, organic figs are carefully selected and boiled slowly into "fig pectin", which retains the nutrients and extracts the essence of figs.  It takes 5 kilograms of fresh fig to produce just 500 grams of fig pectin.  The concentrated essence is crystallized into a milky fruit cider.  Following the Southern Chinese legacy on herbal medicine paste making, each bottle of fig pectin has to be boiled extensively on a clay pot of high-quality mountain spring water, filtered through multiple layers, and then baked at low temperature.  Due to the delicate nature of figs, the heat needs to be strictly controlled for the purpose of extracting the fruit’s essence.  The product is finally condensed into a form of concentrated fig pectin with the highest degree of nutrition and consistency like a milky cider.


Potential benefits of Milky Fig Cider found under traditional Chinese herbal practice include:


  1. Moisturizing the bowel and aiding bowel movement ​​​​​
  2. Increase appetite
  3. Lowering risk of cardiovascular diseases
  4. Lowering blood lipids and blood pressure
  5. Soothe the pharynx and reduce swelling
  6. Help fight cancer
  7. Delay aging
  8. Weight loss
  9. Improving the health of the intestines
  10. Passing menstruation and strengthening lactation
  11. Treating diarrhea
  12. Relieving hemorrhoids
  13. Improving bone health
  14. Nourishing hair
  15. Moisturizing skin


For a natural remedy without all the negative side effects of pharmaceutical drugs, try Milky Fig Cider!

Milky Fig Cider (Fig Pectin) - 6pk

SKU: 10002
1 Ounce
  • Each quantity ordered contains SIX (6) boxes with two bottles of fig pectin (8.8oz/jar) each. Total TWELVE (12) bottles of fig pectin.

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